Shul Information

Rabbi and Rebbetzin Yeamans

Rabbi Yeamans:

Rebbetzin Yeamans:

215-954-8210 /

215-954-3433 /

For matters that are not urgent, Rabbi Yeamans is available:

  • Sunday—Monday: After 2:00 PM 
  • Tuesdays: Off
  • Wednesday—Friday: After 2:00 PM

Youth Programming

Supervision by Youth Director and group leaders
Moms and tots play area on Shabbos and Yom Tov
Fun davening groups on Shabbos and Yom Tov —
 featuring BIOZ points and amazing prizes!

Bnei Akiva                 ​
Special events during the year

Social and Educational Programming

  • Daf Yomi
  • Weekly Kiddush after Mussaf
  • Semicha Chaver Program
  • Purim Chagiga
  • Helping Hand—Visiting Seniors
  • Chanukah Chagiga
  • Simchas Torah Luncheon
  • Pre-Pesach Meals
  • Scholars-in Residence and guest speakers throughout the year

Note From the Religious Committee

The Gabbaim endeavor to honor all members and guests who are a chiyuv for an Aliyah, Amud, or Haftorah.  
If you are observing a Yahrzeit for a parent and would like to request to lead davening and/or to receive an Aliyah, please inform the Gabbaim at least one week in advance of the date.