Youth Programs

Moms & Tots

Our shul enjoys a fun, safe, and joy-filled area for our young children! We are well-equipped with books, great toys such as magnatiles, legos, pretend-play centers, a slide, mini-basketball hoop, tunnel, and playhouse! Of course, snacks and coffee for the parents is a must!  Come enjoy this special area every shabbos and yom tov morning.

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Shabbos Morning Groups

We offer engaging and stimulating youth programming on select shabbos mornings for children. Our talented youth group leaders lead shabbos davening, learning discussions, games, and serve snacks to all the children. At the end of youth groups, children join the main minyan where our youth boys lead the shul for Ain Kelokeinu and Adon Olam.  Our youth group participants are all excited to earn BI Points which are used for an incredible incentive program where children can earn amazing prizes!

Learn more about our amazing youth department and BI Points Program.

Bnei Akiva

BIOZ hosts the Philadelphia chapter of Bnei Akiva of the U.S. and Canada, which was established 45 years ago and is the oldest chapter of Bnei Akiva in the region. Bnei Akiva of Philadelphia provides religious education and programming by youth for youth, their families and our community. Children ranging in age from elementary school through college-age meet weekly at the shul beginning an hour and a half before Mincha on Shabbat. Weekly activities include learning about Jewish history and holidays, fun games and snacks. Bnei Akiva also organizes exciting events like Motzei Shabbat campfires, family-oriented events like ice skating and Shabbat meals, and shabbatonim.