Al Shelosha Devarim Haolam Omed- al hatorah, al havodah, vaal gemilut chasadim

BIOZ takes pride in being a family that cares for each other through thick and thin. Whether it is provisions for the needy, bikur cholim (visiting the sick), shiva meals, or support for new mothers, BIOZ is dedicated to supporting each other. To contact our chessed chair, please email Karen Sanker at ________

Senior Programming

BIOZ has a monthly senior citizen get together. Seniors in our community enjoy lunch together, followed by an interesting or fun program. To learn more about BIOZ Seniors, contact Roberta Grad at

Educational Programming

BIOZ is dedicated to providing educational opportunities that serve to inspire and enrich Torah understanding. Come join us for a class!

Womens Programming

BIOZ invites all women to enjoy meaningful involvement in our shul family. We offer inspirational women’s learning opportinties, social programs, and meaningful fundraiers. Want to get involved? Contact Ronit Polin at