Power of Attorney to Sell Chametz and Rent Premises 5780

We, the undersigned, grant power of attorney to Rabbi Yehoshua Yeamans or to his agent to perform the following on our behalf:

  • To sell anything in our property considered by him to be ‘chametz’.  This includes but is not limited to foods, beverages and medicines that are pure ‘chametz’ (fermented grains such as breads or grain alcohol), those that contain an amount of ‘chametz’ mixed with other ingredients, or even those that are only possibly ‘chametz’, as well as ‘chametz nuksha’ (hardened).  All these categories are included whether they are suitable for human consumption or for the consumption of any living thing, whether they are on our premises or elsewhere, and whether they are ours or belonging to another Jew and placed in our trust.
  • To rent any utensils that had been used for ‘chametz’ as mentioned above and had not been rendered fit for Pesach use, and to sell any bits or residue of ‘chametz’ that had remained adhering to these utensils.
  • To rent any part of the premises owned or rented by us where anything considered ‘chametz’ as mentioned above is being kept, for the duration of the Pesach holiday and an appropriate period before and after Pesach.  This rental will allow the renter to use said property to store anything he wishes, and allowance will be made for giving the renter access to said property.