Today is September 21, 2023 -

Kol Nidrei Old

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                                                        Welcome to the Online Kol Nidrei Appeal!
Along with membership dues and the banquet journal, the funds raised during the Kol Nidrei appeal are essential to the operation of the Shul. As we approach the Yamim Noraim, let us continue to secure our Shul’s ability to provide for the community.It is our goal is to have 100% participation so that we can continue to secure our Shul’s ability to provide for the community.
Our Shul is a place where we accept and support each other, care for all our children, our families, and our seniors. Our Shul is a community where no one feels less important than anyone else and where we are all valued.Tizkeh L’mitzvos and wishing you a Kesiva V’chasima Toval!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Yehuda Leib Abberbock

  We Thank Our Donors!                                                      Our Goal / Amount Raised

Anonymous $180

Carol & Yisroel Meir Deppen $180

Anonymous $100

Marsha & Herb Edelman $100

Anonymous $180

Becky and Jonathan Moses $100

Daniel Wolf $100

Jay & Laya Press $360

Daniel & Miri Daiches $18

Toby & Beverly Bernstein $2500

Jerry & Ahuva Polin $100

Anonymous $250

Isaac and Eva Moses $180

Joey & Russi Bohm $130

Gary & Judy Abberbock $1000

Brian & Gila Gluck $1800

Michoel & Sarah Shepard $540

David Redlich $54

Avi & Sarah Wohlgeernter $360

Anonymous $54

Jeremy & Chavi Schwarzbaum $500

Vadim & Vera Zubarev $1000

Rabbi & Rebbetzin Yeamans $1200

Myron & Luba Anton $1000

Anonymous $300

Leib & Miriam Piatetsky $54

Isaac Svartsman $100

Ezra & Susie Wohlgelernter $1014

Marc Weintraub $180

Malx & Simcha Haber $36

Sue Carre $1200

Leonid Minkov $54

Bettina Dunn $54
Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$25.000$2.67811%
10 %
Percentage of BIOZ Members donated